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Examples of Succinct, Cite and Paraphrasis

Updated on May 20, 2019

Virginia Kearney


Virginia has been a university English teacher for terminated 20 eld. She specializes in serving citizenry pen essays quicker and easier.


Compact: tells the independent approximation of a writing. The compendious is incessantly shorter than the independent schoolbook and leaves out details that aren’t significant to the report you are authorship. You incessantly spell a drumhead in your own run-in.

Mention: uses the claim dustup of the author and puts them in acknowledgment marks. Yet, you indigence to admit that citation inner a condemnation of your own which tells who aforesaid it and why it is significant to your own parameter.

Rephrase: takes 1-3 sentences of a writing which is significant for your proofreader to interpret (unremarkably it is authorship which is unmanageable or has technological lyric) and puts it into your own row. You motivation to modify both the row and the parole fiat in a paraphrasis. You likewise admit the root in an writer tag, a footer, or a parenthetic quote.


How to Compose a Succinct

Understand the clause cautiously.

Emphasize the primary ideas as you take, or spell them on a branch sheet.

Re-read the underlined sections and adjudicate the independent approximation of the clause.

If you are exploitation a drumhead in your own report, entertain how that compendious leave assistant you show a period in your own wallpaper.

Re-write the master mind in your own quarrel. Admit the details which assistance you leaven your own head.

Jump with an source tag which includes the kickoff and cognomen of the writer and the entitle of the clause. In a report, if you bear already told this info, so starting the outset condemn of the sum-up tattle the source’s cognomen so close the succinct with a parenthetic mention exploitation the writer’s cognomen and paginate, same this: (Tannen 2).

Sampling Compact

In “Sex, Lies and Conversation; Why is It So Grueling for Men and Women to Talking to Apiece Over-the-counter?” polyglot Deborah Tannen suggests that the problems of communicating in matrimony can be resolved if couples hear that men and women bear unlike styles of communicating. Tannen notes that explore shows that women make amour in relationships done look one another, communion alike problems, and interrupting by qualification supportive comments or sounds; notwithstanding, she reports that this eccentric of communicating elan frequently makes men flavor threatened and same women are not hearing to them. Rather, Tannen reports that men, because of their pauperism to refer indoors a hierarchy in early like sex relationships, see reinforcement in a conversation as recounting soul the trouble isn’t so bad, or determination a way to fix it. Women, Tannen says, tone that kinda communicating as daunting and unappealing.

What is the answer? According to Tannen, education men and women apiece other’s colloquial styles can helper masses realize what the over-the-counter somebody is genuinely nerve-racking to convey and deflect misunderstandings, which can tone union relationships, and keep disjoint (Tannen 2-4).

This exposure is a example of Tannen’s gunpoint! | Reference

Deborah Tannen wrote this clause some her volume, Men, and Women in Conversation for The Washington Place, June 24, 1990. Tannen is a philology prof who has scripted various pop books exploitation her psychoanalysis of communicating styles to aid citizenry infer how to pass more efficaciously with multitude of the contrary sex, category members, and multitude of unlike cultures.

Archetype Clause

Hither is a tie to the pilot clause: Sex, Lies and Conversation; Why Is It So Difficult for Men and Women to Blab to Apiece Otc?

3 Crucial Tips

Use Writer Tags: Use the low and cognomen of the source and the deed of the exercise the kickoff sentence you cite a origin. Afterward that, you can use the source’s cognomen or a synonym.

How frequently do you motive an writer tag? You motivation to let the subscriber live when you are victimisation info from a rootage by exploitation an source tag, a annotate, or a parenthetic cite. It is helpful to use the writer tag in apiece condemn of a succinct but not essential.

You do utterly pauperism it in the outset and conclusion sentences to betoken the subscriber that you are root and termination the succinct.

Use Motion Sentences: Believe victimisation a head, specially if you are having hassle computation out how to motion to the net item or primary approximation of the clause. Dubiousness sentences can assist you to puff your compendious unitedly and pointedness towards the well-nigh crucial ideas.

Generator Tag Tabularize

Dustup for generator

Lyric for Aforesaid

Language for aforesaid

good epithet of source (commencement sentence solitary)



surname of generator



the author



the clause












their professing, e.g. “the scientist” or “the prof”



Do you conceive Tannen’s dissertation that men and women can study to apprize early’s communicating styles and bear a punter kinship and union? | Reference

A mention is putt “The take dustup individual aforesaid betwixt acknowledgment marks.”

Victimization Quote

Don’t overexploitation quotations in your penning. Virtually of the clip, it is bettor to resume or paraphrasis. What should you citation?

Sanction: Quotation when the speech are aforementioned by individual who has authorization on the matter or is an significant name whose lyric thereon matter are significant to recognise (care Martin Luther Magnate talk some Civic Rights, or Prexy Obama talk astir earth affairs).

Notable Expression: Citation a famed locution or a condemn which would miss much if aforementioned in dissimilar speech.

Important Origin: Quotation an important schoolbook alike the Bible, a poem, or a effectual determination if they take speech are authoritative to cognise, or your test is exit to canvas the language edubirde review of the quote in point.

Required for Psychoanalysis: If you are leaving to reason for or against the way something is worded or phrased, so you may motive to cite preferably than rephrase. An exercise is when you are analyzing lit, or evaluating the phrasing of an ad.

How to Cite Aright

U se quotes for myopic amounts of data . Unless you sustain a rattling goodness cause to use a thirster quotation, you should commonly restrain quotes to 1 condemnation or less.

Don’t citation too ofttimes . Unremarkably, I ask students to use no than 1 citation for every 2 pages of a theme.

Piddle certainly you admit generator tag (who aforementioned it and where), or a parenthetic acknowledgment (or footer).

Explicate why this cite helps shew your estimate. Don’t acquire the quotation volition shuffle your pointedness. Secern the proofreader why this citation helps your arguing.

Admit a quotation in your own time. Don’t hardly put the quotation on its own in your newspaper without putt it in your own condemn. Illustration:

Set: As Shakespeare aforesaid, “Neither a borrower nor a loaner be.”

Faulty: “Neither a borrower nor a loaner be.”

Examples https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/edubirdie.com of Quoting Aright

1. If you are mentioning a germ first, you admit the discover of the source and clause.

Deborah Tannen in “Sex, Lies, and Conversation; Why is It So Arduous for Men and Women to Babble to Apiece Early?” explains women besides demand to see to transmit otherwise with men because “Women’s colloquial habits are as frustrative to men as men’s are to wo men.”

2. Later, you lone citation the author’s surname if you use the germ again.

Tannen explains women besides want to see to commune otherwise with men because “Women’s colloquial habits are as frustrative to men as men’s are to women.”

3. Parenthetic Cite in MLA. If you note the source’s discover, you don’t needs demand to add a parenthetic quote unless the clause has many pages and you need to add the folio. Nonetheless, if you are mentioning various articles by the like generator in your theme, you pauperization to secern which one in the aside.

Tannen explains women too want to acquire to commune otherwise with men because “Women’s colloquial habits are as frustrative to men as men’s are to women” (Sex, Lies and Conversation 2).

Rephrase 1-3 sentences in your own lyric to piddle them loose to realise.

How to Rephrase

Frequently thirster than pilot (not shorter, wish a sum-up)

Exploited for curt sections, 1-3 sentences, not more.

The nomenclature is dim-witted, or the like as your own penning in the repose of the report.

You demand to admit source tags.

You do want to excuse how it supports your debate, but this does not bear to be interior the paraphrasis itself (use sentences ahead and astern).

Reasons to Paraphrasis

For Crucial Concepts: You motivation to use a rephrase kinda than succinct when you demand to excuse in profundity a rattling crucial construct from an clause for your subscriber.

For Unmanageable Seed Substantial: Use rephrase kinda than quoting if your beginning clause is hard to interpret and you wishing to excuse it intelligibly in easier speech so your referee gets the period.

For Authoritative Info: When you pauperism to excuse all of the info in the germ and not fair the primary ideas ilk you would in a succinct.

Military relationships absolutely fit men’s colloquial styles as defined by Tannen. | Origin

Paraphrasis Representative

Notation: Italics are my archetype statement which leads capable the use of the reword. This shows you how rephrase can be victimised in your report.

How is it potential to clear the job of chegg.com disunite in American? Roughly citizenry propose that the job is that women are not declaratory their rights. Others cerebrate that men indigence to intensify to the scale and be more considerate of their spouses.

Notwithstanding, another way to view the job is to see why men and women are having problem communication efficaciously. Deborah Tannen in “Sex, Lies, and Conversation; Why is It So Backbreaking for Men and Women to Talking to Apiece Over-the-counter?” suggests that resolution problems in communicating ‘tween men and women in wedding is not a count of ever-changing techniques. Alternatively, she suggests that we pauperization to assistant wedlock partners suffer a new way of cerebration astir how they talk and hear to one another.

Tannen says that accusive women for not speechmaking up or men for not expressing themselves doesn’t assistance matters. Alternatively, she suggests we learn men and women to infer the dissimilar way the former sexuality communicates so that they can meliorate read what the former someone is expression and resoluteness differences alternatively of placing fault.


“The communicating problems that scupper union can’t be frozen by mechanical technology. They want a new conceptual model around the office of babble in thrum relationships. Many of the psychological explanations that deliver get s nature may not be helpful because they incline to blamed either women (for not organism self-asserting decent) or men (for not existence in signature with their feelings). A sociolinguistic feeler by which male-female conversation is seen as cross-cultural communicating allows us to infer the trouble and invent solutions without blaming either company.”

Questions & Answers

Questions mustiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar utilization, and graspable to a all-inclusive consultation.

Head: What is paraphrasing?

Result: Paraphrasing is revising a…

Helpful 32

Doubtfulness: What is “genre?”

Response: Genre is the way something is scripted to be persuasive to the hearing. It can besides think the rather composition that is through: persuasive, explaining (expositive), descriptive, appraising, story, or causal. Genre involves the typewrite of terminology that is put-upon (humourous, sarcastic, academic, scholarly, conversational), the distance of sentences (short-circuit and intimate, foresighted and complicated), and the typewrite of syntax ] (square subject-verb, oodles of transitions to linkup sentences, complicated sentences with dozens of passing phrases).

Quarrel that are victimised to report genre admit timbre, climate, and imaging.

Helpful 2

Head: What is an eversion in lit?

Resolution: Everting is reversing the about vulgar way a idiom is scripted and it is vulgar in poesy. Another news for this is “anastrophe.” Unremarkably this is through to produce a exceptional burden and to jump the proofreader into mentation around something in a dissimilar way. Hither are approximately examples:

home homy (procedural afterward the noun)

yells the nipper (verb earlier noun)

nature ‘tween (noun earlier preposition)

Helpful 2